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21 Feb

Monday, October 10th: Links & Open Thread

Oct 10, 2016
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clinton-trump-clownsDisintermediating the state,” one 3D-printed gun at a time. The odyssey of law school dropout who turned into a crypto-anarchist.

The CIA claims to be able to predict social uprisings. The secret to fighting this kind of tech, real or not: Don’t care.

Yes, Trump has always been a ringer, for the Clinton campaign.

Yet another “Game Changer” anti-cancer drug has been announced at the European Cancer Congress.

While the head of the IMF isn’t the kind of person you want to take advice from, normally, he’s right that China’s massive debt,  a debt-load that makes the United States’ debt  look like a surplus, is going to bite them on the ass, and the rest of the world with them.

Mathieu Bitton’s work tells stories that range from the life of a rockstar, to depictions of everyday life in African-American communities.

Josh Freidman lets us know that he wants to Apply for the Position of “Rent-Seeking Capitalist.” I think he deserves the chance..

In a ruling that should surprise absolutely no one, Federal Courts side with Petroleum Fuel Industries.

Jerry Brown’s newly-minted Neoliberal “Education Architecture” is already failing California’s children and seriously failing poor children.

Ars Technica, of all places, takes a look at last night’s Clown Pissing-Contest.

A late-breaking link, courtesy of our commenter,  Shohanna, Google and a plethora of developers have created a new font-family, to fight the  “tofu” problem, which is when a browser can’t display a font code, it gives you a white block. They will add new languages as they are added to the unicode. It’s free, go download it.



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  • Your song of the day. May it leave you in a slightly-thoughtful, slightly-melancholy state of mind…


    • Dosido3

      I’ve been listening to a lot of Pink Floyd these days. That’s my mood. :/

      • Ann Watson

        I know how you feel, the surreal seems real. ; )

  • 17
  • Dosido3

    Ack! Clowns! I’m awake now….morning…

    • Annaleigh

      LOL, speaking of clowns, I’ve been shopping for my giftee in the Reddit Trick or Treat gift exchange, and for one of the goodies in the package I decided to go completely meta…I bought her a scary clown decoration from Walmart (I know, I know), but not just any Walmart…it’s my local Walmart where there was a clown sighting in 2014. I live near Wasco so we went through that clown hysteria in 2014.

      • Dosido3

        Wow. There is nothing funny about clowns! O.o

  • 17
  • 17

    Even the US military is looking at blockchain technology—to secure nuclear weapons

    Blockchain technology has been slow to gain adoption in non-financial contexts, but it could turn out to have invaluable military applications. DARPA, the storied research unit of the US Department of Defense, is currently funding efforts to find out if blockchains could help secure highly sensitive data, with potential applications for everything from nuclear weapons to military satellites.


  • 17

    Extracting Lessons from Police Shootings

    Police shootings, especially aimed at people of color, have inflamed tensions between communities and the police sworn to protect them, raising difficult questions about attitudes and training, says ex-police officer William John Cox.


    • Dosido3

      the intercept series on Chicago PD blew my mind.

  • 17

    Are Humans Natural-Born Killers?

    A new study, published in the journal Nature and entitled “The Phylogenetic Roots of Human Lethal
    Violence,” argues two points: (1) along with many other mammals and particularly primates, human lethal violence is innate because it is part of a long “evolutionary history”; and (2) for humans, however, it is also a behavior that is responsive to our cultural environment. So, over time, “culture modulates our bloodthirsty tendencies.”

    What is particularly original about this study is that it places human violence against the backdrop of general mammalian and primate lethal behavior. The researchers found that there is a correlation between the level of intra-group violence of those species that lie close to each other on the evolutionary tree.


    • Thanks for the link 17

    • Ann Watson

      Animals! ; )

    • Violence, in my experience, in innate in every mammal.

      • FaunaAndFlora

        Not just mammals. Ducks fight a lot. Duck sex is violent too. Gang rape, really. Geese, on the other hand, rarely become violent with each other. They save their aggression for other species. Goats can be pretty aggressive too. They fight with each other a lot more than dogs or cats do. Sometimes, their fights will last for three or four days. At least that’s what I’ve observed on my farm.

        • I live next to a lake so I’ve witnessed plenty of aggressive behaviors by ducks. Nature can be very brutal at times 🙁

          • Edwin

            How nice to live next to a lake. Being on the water is always lovely.

          • I live in a lake town close to the water, but I don’t live next to the water or as we put it..on the lake.

            My ex and I used to live on the lake, but he decided he wanted privacy and acreage. No such thing as privacy or acreage with a lake house, in the town I live in. Forest, field, or water, they each have their distinct flavor, but I appreciate them all.

    • MeanValueTheorem

      Great series of lectures by UC’s CARTA (Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny) on violence and human evolution. Enjoy!


      • 17

        Thanks for the vid. Glad to see ya still out here too. 😉

  • Of the three circuit courts judges that ruled on the Dakota access pipeline Brown, Griffith, and Pillard, Circuit Judges, guess who the chief justices of the Circuit Court is 1..2..3 if you guessed Garland, Obama’s Supreme Court pick you would be correct:/


    If anybody would like to give a call to those judges, the phone numbers are provided on the link that I posted.

  • 17

    Video: Afghanistan: Fifteen Years of Invasion and Occupation

    Fifteen years after NATO’s invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, the 9/11 and Al Qaeda lies that were used to justify the war have disappeared.

    Now the truth about oil and gas, mineral wealth, opium and naked imperial ambition are all that remain.

    The ambitions of Empire.


  • Bob save me: I was in a car this morning, and one of those awful NPR shows was on and they called Cooper & Radditz’s performances, last night “spectacular” and said they “couldn’t imagine a harder job.” I threw up in my mouth a little.

    • Edwin

      Ugh. They were awful.

    • Dosido3

      They are being praised because they did some semblance of fact checking. I didn’t mind that, but I did mind them cutting off Trump more times than Hillary. Hillary talked over the time limit which is what I remember from the primary debates.

  • Democracy Now top headlines

    • towerofbabel

      Will America respond with the big yawn?

      • Yes, these moments always remind me of the poem Solitude ~ Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone.~ it sounds cruel and to a certain extent it is, but the next line adds a little compassion to the condemnation ~For the world has burdens of its own~

        That last line is incorrect by the way, but that’s always how I communicated those three lines to my children. Even though technically incorrect it captures the spirit of the original.

        ~ For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth,
        But has trouble enough of its own.~

        I always told my children that those three lines should not be used as a justification for apathy in the face of pain and need, but rather an honest look at a human condition, and to prepare them for the idea that a painful or difficult event will have a fair possibility of having to be faced alone.

        Needless to say Haiti shouldn’t have to be alone in this. If we could just simply give money into the right hands, much suffering could be eliminated.

        • Shohanna

          Instead of giving money, I say we give food, and other items, needs instead. That way they can’t spend the goddamned aide on themselves! O.o what’s wrong with that? Send building materials, send tractors, and bulldozers, etc so they can clean the shit up! Giving money just tempts them to take it.

  • The presidential debate with breakaways for Jill Stein responses.

  • Jill Stein response to the presidential debate…. part 2

  • I know we don’t like Clinton here, but can we take one minute to hold Donald Trump responsible for his behavior.

    • Edwin

      The guy is a douchebag. I have never been pro-Trump, I’m anti-Clinton.

      And, yes, I have heard men speak like this more times than I cared for.

      • I hear that, and I agree, disliking Clinton does not make a person Pro Trump. Hello Edwin :^)

        • Edwin

          Hi, Stephanie. The guy (Trump) is a cad.

          Sadly, men do talk like that in small groups. (Lots of over-compensation and bragging if you ask me.) If you don’t kind of go with the flow you could be gay. (At least that’s how I saw things growing up.)

          • Trump and Billy Bush aren’t boys, they’re grown ass men.

            I’m a mother of four children and they were not born Saints. I’ve had to teach my children what was acceptable behavior and what was unacceptable Behavior.

            Likewise when Society is confronted by such Behavior we have no choice, but to confront and call them on it.

      • Yeah, same here. Been Anti-Trump as long as I’ve been Anti-Clinton.Truth is, though, I’d much rather see Trump in the White House, because he’ll be much less effectual than Clinton. Not that that would ever get me to vote for him.

        • Edwin
        • Truth I’d rather see Clinton in the White House. Trump will become the Republicans bitch in a matter of seconds after the swearing-in.

          However it is impossible to measure the disaster that is Clinton or Trump compared to what we could have had with Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein.

          • Edwin

            If Trump is elected I bet the GOP will self destruct and so will the Dems. Think about it. Both parties go Ka-Boom!

            (Either one will suck in the WH.)

          • Edwin
          • Government self-destructing typically has never been a good thing for the society under its governance.

            Bernie planned this right overtake Congress and then overtake Clinton. It’s not a dictatorship. If we can get Congress, we will have Clinton. Progressive Democrats or third party Congress people, will have more power over Clinton then Trump or Pence any day. That’s my viewpoint however.

          • Edwin

            I can’t vote so I’ll leave it to you. Glad I don’t have to decide. (They all suck in Congress too.)

          • Yeah Congress sucks too. This was never going to be easy, no matter who became president including Bernie.

          • Edwin

            America has to hit bottom first to wake all the people up. Sad, but that’s how things work.

          • towerofbabel

            And sadly, they may not be able to wake up. Even if they do, they have turned the country over to evil managers.

          • Clinton is already the Republicans’ bitch.

          • towerofbabel

            I think we have to help Jill get to 5%. That would be a positive act, if we could pull it off.

          • I’m voting for Jill, I’m not voting for Clinton. I’m just talking about my preference of the two.

          • Edwin

            If Jill gets 5%, Clinton loses, Trump is prez, both parties implode. Not a bad outcome. (Note: I like on another continent, 10,000 miles away.)

          • towerofbabel

            I understand. But to stay sane I have to preclude the option of trying to mitigate the situation with my vote. My wife hates Hillary but feels the way you do about Trump. I think his vileness is greater for women for very legitimate reasons.

            Like Kreskin, I can’t say that Trump will get us into a war with Russia, although it is definitely possible. With Clinton it almost seems certain given her hawkish attitude and the neocons she has supporting her. She has hitched her wagon to the PNAC crowd and they are obsessed with American hegemony. She puts a veneer of pragmatism over it but it is a bizarre preoccupation with war above almost everything else. War = Economics sums it up.

          • Chunga

            Today I heard the #2 at the Pentagon say that U.S. Service Personel would defend themselves in reguards to the Soviets stationing their new anti-aircraft system in Syria to protect themselves from the ISIS Air Force. We may be in a war with Russia before either of these two clowns get elected.

          • Dosido3

            I will vote for her. But given the full corruption of our election process at the polls, I’m betting that my vote will be flipped to Clinton. TPTB need to stomp out the idea that any third party can have even a modicum of success. That’s my prediction.

          • towerofbabel

            They have been doing a good job already.

          • That’s what I’m working towards!

          • notisaidthepig

            This is all I want for Christmas.

          • kreskin

            Clinton IS a Republican bitch .

    • towerofbabel

      The only appropriate response is to turn away from both of these soulless people. This election, this choice is illegitimate. To pick sides is to enforce what is happening.

    • Dosido3

      Trump is winning the Young Turks Twitter poll that lists all choices. Kind of shocked me but it could be trolled. Who knows.

      • Annaleigh

        I know that Alex Jones feels a certain competitiveness towards TYT, so maybe some of his fans watch both and they are the ones that voted?

        • Dosido3

          that’s as good an explanation as any. People could just be so sick of this election and being fucked with by the media, that they are fighting back with unreal answers. Why not?

    • Annaleigh

      Thank you. I know that the Trump campaign and people who want to put emphasis on what Bill Clinton has done say that this tape is words and Bill Clinton’s actions are actions, but what Trump is describing *is* sexual assault and I have a hard time believing that he’s merely bullshitting here and that his words were only words.

      Just another reason why I wish it was November 9th already. So tired of this.

  • Dosido3

    Hillary wins the all important Glenn Beck endorsement … Bizarro World!

    • Realignment: It really fucks with my head.

      • towerofbabel

        They are aligning against something they say doesn’t exist–a politically strong left. Which goes to show there is still a latent political revolution waiting in the wings.

        • Well, the ruling-class parties have been aligned against any sort of actual liberalism for some time now. I just meant realignment in the sense that the Democratic party is becoming, officially and publicly the party of far-right authoritarians, aka, “Conservatives.”

          • Ann Watson

            The system is working exactly as it was designed to, keeping the minions in their places.

    • notisaidthepig

      Bizarro World is such an understatement. I want to ask: what’s next? However, I’m afraid of the answer. Still, it’s going to get worse as there are still a few weeks left until the election. Strap yourselves in. Oink!

  • SmotPoker

    Guy’s I Need Your Help

    Friends, you know me, I refused money for myself to help me with my trip down to Florida to see my kid brother when he was paralyzed. I made it through that hell without asking for a dime from you, even though many of you offered to donate your money to help me. I appreciated your thoughts, and offers, but I declined each offer.

    I’m writing to you today to ask for help for a friend of mine that I’ve known for years now through our on line friendship. He’s a great kid (he’s around 28 or so now, but when I met him he was around 21) that’s finding himself in a horrible spot. I’ve spent countless hours talking with him on Skype. I’ve helped him out from time to time with “stuff” (use your imaginations, I know you can…) and he’s had a rough life of it with his asshole uncle since he was a young kid. Evidently his uncle took it too far this week, and now he, and his mother literally fear for their lives. His uncle went on a rampage, violence ensued, cops were called, and now the family is torn apart.

    If any of you can have something to give this young man, GF, and his mother to get them to a safe place, it would be appreciated more than you would ever know, or that words could communicate. If you don’t have anything to spare, could you post this request in other sites where there have compassionate readers that may want to help? Those of you with FB could help by putting it up on their wall or time line or whatever it is that FB uses, I don’t use it, so I don’t know.

    His mom is a great lady, and nobody should ever go to sleep wondering if this is the night that a lunatic relative ends them all. Please help my friend if you can, I’d be forever in your debt. His GFM page has more details on what went down on the 10th of October, 2016.


    Thank you

    • Shohanna

      You are a day late!! O.O I just went and took my daughter grocery shopping and got her contacts… So I am effectively broke. >;| Sorry, I will see what I can do near the end of the month.

    • 17

      Where are they now? What state?

      • SmotPoker

        Florida. Port St. Lucie

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