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20 Feb

Daily Links, Tuesday, March 7th.

Mar 07, 2017
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Fresh Links, for Fresh Fellows (and Gals)…

UN experts denounce ‘myth’ pesticides are necessary to feed the world.

FOIA Uncovers Part of U.K. Shadow Regulation on Search Engines and Copyright.

As the most prolific sponsors of modern “terrorist” groups, can they do aught else? Saudi Arabia Embarks On A Southeast Asia Terror Tour.

Greenwald cuts through the bullshit: Democrats Now Demonize the Same Russia Policies that Obama Long Championed.

Orwell, Neofeudalism, and the Destruction of the Welfare State.

Why discovering new Earth-like planets matters.

More like IoTtSoY, “Internet of Things that Spy on You:” Dangerous backdoor exploit found on popular IoT devices.

Donald Trump’s Greatest Allies Are the Liberal Elites. Maybe a re-post, but worth a second read!

Good old Fraunhofer, who brought us the mp3: German institute successfully tests underwater energy storage sphere.

TSA’s new “pat-downs” are so invasive, airports are pre-emptively warning cops to expect sexual assault claims.

UPDATE: This morning, notisaidthepig pointed out that WikiLeaks publishes huge trove of CIA spying documents in ‘Vault 7’ release.

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Daily Links
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  • Hope everyone’s week is going well! Your Song of the Day:


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      I love that song. <3

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  • notisaidthepig

    The latest WikiLeaks release is BIG!

    • Linky?

    • Got it. Adding to links…

      • notisaidthepig

        Oh, Unka. You didn’t have to drop my name in the links. (((blushes))) It was nothing. Literally. I did nothing. Oink!

    • FaunaAndFlora

      I’ve gotta hand it to Asange and Wikileaks. It takes real courage to go after the CIA. Bravo!

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    Decriminalize Immigration, Free Movement for All!

    The United States recently experienced its first wave of large-scale anti-immigration raids following the election of Donald Trump, who made the mass deportation of “illegal” immigrants a central part of his campaign. Although ICE officials claim that these raids targeted individuals with criminal records, immigrant rights groups dispute this claim, arguing that law-abiding people were also targeted. At least one man with no criminal record was arrested; he had been granted the right to live and work in the U.S. under Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

    Trump’s executive orders on immigration may expand ICE’s priorities to include law-abiding people, but his renewed emphasis on mass deportation is not without precedent. We must not forget that Barack Obama presided over the deportation of a record-breaking 2.4 million people.


  • Shohanna

    Morning Everyone! Sorry I am so tired. I have to go to the Dr today and when I get back… I am going back to sleep. *wave*

    • Edwin

      Yes, please do take it easy. See you later.

    • You take care, Sho! Health first, that’s my motto!

  • FaunaAndFlora

    A word on pesticides. Although I haven’t given the report a thorough reading, I did scan it. I also checked on the background of the authors, who are lawyers and not scientists or farmers. The truth is that all farms… even organic farms… use pesticides. Organic standards simply restrict the type of pesticides that are allowed, and not always for the better. For example, in regards to insects, the pesticides allowed by organic standards are broad-spectrum, meaning they kill both pests and beneficial species. By comparison, there are many (perhaps most) commonly used non-organic pesticides that target the pests without harming other species.

    A major problem with pesticides… both organic and non-organic… is overuse due to ignorance on the part of farmers, especially in developing countries where the attitude may be that if a little works, a whole lot will work even better. This needs to be addressed through education and training in proper use and whatever precautions may be necessary.

    As a homesteader and organic market gardener, my operation is small enough that I can usually control pests without the use of pesticides. Picking them off the plants by hand and drowning them in a bottle of soapy water tends to do the trick (the exception being a Japanese beetle infestation that dang near destroyed my beans and okra one year). For smaller pests such as aphids there is diatomaceous earth, which is a non-toxic pesticide, but it does kill bees and other beneficial insects and therefore should be used sparingly. Allowing my ducks and geese to forage in my garden plots before planting and after harvest also cuts down on insect pests. These methods, however, are not practical for farmers who work more than a few acres.

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    .A Dangerous California Bill Would Leave Students and Teachers Vulnerable to Intrusive Government Searches

    A dangerous bill in California would make it easy for the government to search the cell phones and online accounts of students and teachers. A.B. 165 rips away crucial protections for the more than 6-million Californians who work at and attend our public schools. Under the proposed law, anyone acting “for or on the behalf of” a public school—whether that’s the police or school officials—could search through student, teacher, and possibly even parent digital data without a court issuing a warrant or any other outside


    • Dosido3

      holy fuck! I’m volunteering!

    • Dosido3

      WTF – Assemblyman Cooper, Sacramento (D), introduced this bill!

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    .Conspiracy Theory Confirmed: Secret Docs Show Gov’t Covered Up Cell Phone Cancer Risks for Years

    After years hidden from the public, California Department of Public Health officials have finally released a
    draft document outlining health concerns stemming from cellphone radiation — including multiple cancers and infertility.

    “We have evidence of brain tumors and other head and neck tumors. We also have evidence of sperm damage in males, infertility in females,” explained Joel Moskowitz of U.C. Berkeley’s School of Public Health, who sued the state in 2016 under the California Public Records Act to obtain the information.


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    Where Will Special Interests Find Refuge When the US Ceases to Exist?

    At special hearings, the Committee on Science,Space and Technology has repeatedly demanded NASA to put forward a comprehensive plan that would result in the creation of the first manned station on Mars. Yet, NASA has nothing to complain about since it’s been receiving massive funding for all of its “resettlement projects”, with the government allocating even more money than the scientists initially requested. So, the budget for the study of planets and their satellites alone grew to 1.63 billion dollars last year, with 175 million being allocated to a flight to Europa. It’s expected that NASA will be able to present results of its
    research in 2022.


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    .Here’s how the GOP’s new health-care plan stacks up against Obamacare

    In February, House speaker Paul Ryan characterized the GOP’s efforts to scrap Obamacare as a “rescue mission” for a troubled system on the brink of collapse. But Republicans’ proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA), released this week, would repeal most of Obamacare and replace it with a much less generous plan tilted heavily toward the healthy and wealthy. If this is a rescue attempt, it’s the equivalent of showing up
    and kicking the people you want to help in the shins.


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    .Democrats and Trump Bid Up Militarism

    With Democrats lusting for a new and costly Cold War with Russia — and President Trump countering by hiring generals and shoveling more money into the Pentagon — the prospects for peace and rationality are dim, notes William Blum.


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    .US Senator accuses RT of hacking Google, RT suggests he should learn how search engines work

    Russian media has tampered with Google algorithms, tuning them to promote stories published by RT and other Russian media, a top-ranking US official said. RT’s editor in chief instead suggests he should learn
    how search engines work before making such accusations.


  • Edwin
  • oodaloop

    Political Misfortune: Anatomy of Democratic Party Failure in Clinton’s Campaign 2016 (Part I): http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2017/03/political-misfortune-anatomy-democratic-party-failure-clintons-campaign-2016-part.html

    Part II: http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2017/03/political-misfortune-anatomy-democratic-party-failure-clintons-campaign-2016-part-ii.html

    Lambert Strether does a methodical root cause analysis and diagrams the Dems collapse in 2016. This two-part series contains a lot of highlights including these from part 2:

    (Let’s start at the Conclusion): …you can argue that zeitgeist issues like the Comey letter “lost Clinton the election.” But arguments like that depend on national polling. What you’ve got to do is show that your zeitgeist issue of choice would unflip the Obama counties that went for Trump. Seems unlikely.

    (On the counties that voted for Obama but switched to Trump): And note that while there are probably plenty of racists in these counties — like everywhere in American, including coastal enclaves — they voted twice for a Black man to be President.

    …it’s ironic that the Clinton campaign of 2016 forgot Carville’s motto (“It’s the economy, stupid.”), but the matrix of failure shows us why. The Clinton campaign faced a fundamental contradiction. On the one hand, they were deeply committed (personally, and by their funders) to the idea of TINA: There Is No Alternative to the (neoliberal, austeritian) policies practiced by Democrats. On the other, they had to run on Obama’s record, which to voters in the flyover states just wasn’t that great…

    …the pathway to low voter turnout begins with the Establishment, who have never made voter registration a core party
    function, something that goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Maybe next time the Democrats have a billion bucks, they can put some of it to this use, instead of jamming it down the toilet of the next Clinton campaign, and flushing.

  • Edwin
  • Hump-Day Links are a humpin!

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