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20 Feb

“Homeward Bound” aka “The Rules Post”

May 23, 2017
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Looks like its time to give it another go. I’ll try to put something up daily, it may be a link to a single article or a link post, depending on my time available, and there seems to be some interest in having multiple contributors, which is an idea I heartily endorse and am pursuing now.

Now to the messy part, and the one that I’m sure is going to turn a few of you off: the discussion-thread rules. I know some folks are looking for surety and a place where the rules aren’t arbitrary. To that end, I’m going to codify the rules I’ve always worked under here, but haven’t really spelled out:

This is a blog about progressive news and politics, and the first two items below include ideas that are in direct opposition to progressive values,  and don’t have any place here. There are plenty of places you can discuss such topics, and we ask politely that you not post such content here, both because it’s anti-progressive and out of respect for your host(s) wishes. The second two are up for discussion and possible modification of their limits, definitions, etc. Feel free to propose any other rules you think I’ve missed.

There are only four rules, and if you’ve posted here in the past, you’ve managed to not run afoul of them, even if you didn’t know them explicitly, so I doubt anyone will be affected by them:

  • No Racist/Bigoted  posts or comments. This is includes but is not limited to antisemitism, antifeminism, homophobia or any other sort of racism or bigotry.
  • No Anti-Science posts or comments. This includes such things as anti-vaccine, “chemtrail”,  or other such anti-science beliefs. This does not include criticizing companies for their business practices.
  • No personal insults launched at myself or other blog commenters. I consider this a severe offense, and banning is on the table, depending on the severity of the insults. This does not apply to public media or political personalities. Telling someone they’re wrong is not an insult.
  • Pornography or other offensive material. This can cause crawlers to down-rank us and limit our audience reach. Not the way I want it, just the way Google wants it. Besides, no one really wants to see your junk!

Any content that conforms to the above will be removed at the moderators’ discretion, with a comment explaining the reason. A commenter would have to try, very hard, to get themselves banned, by repeatedly, deliberately, posting content listed above. If this were to happen, moderators will be 100% transparent about the reasons for banning.

What will never happen:

  • No one will be banned for disagreeing with myself or anyone here.
  • No one will be banned for holding any views the posting of which we discourage.
  • No one will be banned or censured for posting or commenting on other sites.
  • No comments, etc. will be “disappeared” without notice of why it was removed (commenters may remove their own comments at their discretion.)
  • No comments will be removed merely because a moderator dislikes the opinion.  (If you think Nickleback is the best band ever, for instance.)

This post will be pinned to the sidebar, and available as a menu item, available always. Any changes or additions to the rules will be discussed with my commenters and implemented with their advice and consent. Well I hope these simple and sensible rules are acceptable, but if, as a commenter, you find these rules an unbearable burden, then I am saddened and will surely miss your contributions.


(And now, here’s a picture of a cute kitten, for absolutely no reason whatsoever.)

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  • kreskin

    Not trying to rock the boat , Unk , but a couple of questions come to mind .

    Some political cartoons aren’t exactly tasteful … the kind I would send my mom, are these prohibited ?

    Also , I’ve read studies that say flu vaccines for the elderly are a rip off , statistically they work well on middle age and younger people , but not so great on the elderly . Do you consider that to be anti vaccine talk ? Is that a taboo subject ?

    Oh , yeah , FOIST ! ( almost forgot )

    • Some political cartoons aren’t exactly tasteful … the kind I would send my mom , are these prohibited?

      I should have been clearer: This rule is about pictures of naked people, serious injury or illness, posted for the purpose of prurience or titllation. It would not apply to cartoons, etc. unless they were racist in intent and content.

      RE: Vaccines
      If it’s a story about the science, and not anti-vaccine propaganda, the type full of false claims, debunbked evidence and fear-mongering it won’t be a problem. This rule is more about false claims that, provably, endanger children and the elderly.

      Really, these are simple requests for any progressive to agree to, as they’re never going to post that kind of content anyways.


      • kreskin

        Got it .

    • notisaidthepig


      • kreskin

        You betchya .

  • SmotPoker

    Strongly worded comment to follow.

    • Escalating reply expressing suprise and faux-offense at suggestions therein!


  • ARIC

    There are a lot of zionists who hide behind charges of “antisemitism” to silence opposition to Israel’s behavior. But just to be clear, I am against Israeli interference in our politics, AIPAC and I support BDS. I am not and will not ever say things like “The Jews” this and “The Jews” that. Mostly because I don’t even think that way.

    • I’m not one to confuse criticism of a policy or government for criticism of a whole people, and won’t silence criticism of it! It’s only when it crosses over into antisemitism that it’s problematic, and those signposts are easy to spot, despite the Israeli government trying to conflate criticism of its policies with racism.

      So, no worries there.

  • Эдвин

    How about short excerpts from “The Simpsons” or is that too edgy for a progressive site? Would that make one worse-than-Nazi?

    • Sigh. I thought you said you were gone for good? You should probably stick with that decision, as long as all you want to do here is try to manufacture drama.

  • notisaidthepig

    Thanks, Unka. This is just what was needed. I hope to see a healthy discussion and anyone who disagrees after hashing it out can say so long and thanks for the all the fish. 😉

    • Agreed. I have enjoyed the company of everyone likely to read this post, and would welcome them back not just as readers or commenters, but as contributors.

      I just want everyone to feel they’re not going to get any surprises and that there’s not going to be any non-transparent banning, comment removal, manufactured drama, etc: everything that’s been a problem for folks on many sites. adding insult to people’s existing injuries, from the Progressive Purge of 2015/2016, in the “liberal” blogosphere..

      • kreskin

        Seems to me that you’ve gone out of your way here , short of writing a handbook of rules you’ve done all you can in my view .

      • kreskin

        Double posted , comrades , the deleted comment was mine .

      • Ann Watson

        I see we’re now on the right side – on the left. ; )

        Thank you for clarifying everything.

    • kreskin

      I agree . Unk’s gone out of his way here . Common sense , isn’t it ? I don’t think a handbook of rules is necessary .

  • notisaidthepig
    • notisaidthepig

      Yay! I sent this link to my sister and she just texted me back. She and her husband watched and as a result she has subscribed to Dore’s channel. Success! I’ve been working on them since the New Year. In fact, my resolution this year was to get as many family members hooked on Jimmy as possible. I’m on my way!

      • YAY!

        • notisaidthepig

          My younger brother is next….

    • Short Answer: All Three are More Corrupt!

  • I just made this, I thought I’d share. From “War Games”


  • notisaidthepig

    Where’s the discussion I was hoping to see? I must say I’m a little disappointed.

    • kreskin

      Me too , noti , but I’m not surprised . The writing was on the wall , this is why I got off the bandwagon .

      • notisaidthepig


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