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20 Feb

Tuesday, Oct. 11th: Links and Open Thread

Oct 11, 2016
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charlogreenefacebook800x430You remember Charlo Greene, the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, whose clip of her quitting her local news-reader job, on air, went viral?  Well, the state of Alaska made it their job to find some way to file charges against her, and are about to ruin her life, to pay her back for her activism.

ProPublica provides Chrome users with a plugin that gives them an extended look at what Facebook thinks it knows about them. You can download it here.

New York magazine goes balls-deep in its slanted reporting, favoring Hillary Clinton, not caring who it slanders or how low it goes. Proving, once again, that there’s no moral daylight between Clinton and Trump.

The US is about to lose another allied state to Russian influence, proving the stupidity of its “leaders'” tactics…

Barack Obama: Guilty of multiple war crimes, including recently aiding in Saudi war crimes.

Speaking of losing allies: Switzerland is backing away from acting as a US tax-haven.

Over at Shadowproof, Dan Wright has a good overview of the documents that illustrate Hillary Clinton’s support for Wall Street, Open Borders and a Western-Hemisphere Economic Union.

Japan’s High-Definition photos of the Moon are the coolest thing you’ll see today.

Ars also relates how the NSA could put undetectable trapdoors in millions of crypto-keys.

And one link for our marijuana legalization advocates here: A day in the life of growing weed.

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Daily Links
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  • Ann Watson

    Once more into the breach dear friends.
    It’s time the world war on marijuana ends.

  • Today’s Song of The Day, courtesy of Pete Shelly, goes out to all of those among us who are homo superior, on the interior….


    • Ann Watson

      A Bastet perspective?

    • Dosido3

      bear skin, bear skin, I really love bear skin…


      • FABOO!

      • Ann Miller’s gams make me want to wear find some bear-skins!

        • Dosido3

          Lol! The whole movie is pretty fun. On The Town.

  • 17
  • 17

    The Clinton Email On Saudi Support for the Islamic State Leaves Something Out

    According to the latest WikiLeaks release, Hillary Clinton admitted in an email to her campaign chairman John Podesta Saudi Arabia and Qatar fund the Islamic State.

    She left something out.

    The United States supports the Islamic State, too.


    • Dosido3

      If only there was an intelligent candidate who got air time who could put the lie to Clinton’s crap. The stuff about Podesta etc should have come out during the primary…

  • 17

    The Taser Cases

    Taser International, the main manufacturer of the electroshock devices, has sold them to more than 17,000 law enforcement agencies in the US by promoting them as safe and effective.

    They are meant to immobilise a person by sending shocks of electricity through projectile darts or cause pain by directly stunning a person’s body.

    But in the past decade, more than 500 people across the US have died after being shocked with a police taser, and many more have been seriously injured.


    • Dosido3

      it would be great if we could taze this election and drag it off the streets.

  • 17

    Russia takes USS Mount Whitney in sights from Crimea

    The USS Mount Whitney will most likely interact with other NATO partners. The Mount Whitney has been to the Black Sea before more than once. In particular, the ship assisted Georgia in the fall of 2008. The USS Mount Whitney was also on duty in the Black Sea during the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014.

    **The Mt. Whitney is the ship to knock out, even before the carriers.**


  • SmotPoker

    At the risk of repeating myself, I’m going to put my post from earlier on todays thread. My friend Chris, and his mom are good people that need some help. Anything you can spare, or places you can post that get traffic would be greatly appreciated.

    Guy’s I Need Your Help

    Friends, you know me, I refused money for myself to help me with my trip down to Florida to see my kid brother when he was paralyzed. I made it through that hell without asking for a dime from you, even though many of you offered to donate your money to help me. I appreciated your thoughts, and offers, but I declined each offer.

    I’m writing to you today to ask for help for a friend of mine that I’ve known for years now through our on line friendship. He’s a great kid (he’s around 28 or so now, but when I met him he was around 21) that’s finding himself in a horrible spot. I’ve spent countless hours talking with him on Skype. I’ve helped him out from time to time with “stuff” (use your imaginations, I know you can…) and he’s had a rough life of it with his asshole uncle since he was a young kid. Evidently his uncle took it too far this week, and now he, and his mother literally fear for their lives. His uncle went on a rampage, violence ensued, cops were called, and now the family is torn apart.

    If any of you can have something to give this young man, GF, and his mother to get them to a safe place, it would be appreciated more than you would ever know, or that words could communicate. If you don’t have anything to spare, could you post this request in other sites where there have compassionate readers that may want to help? Those of you with FB could help by putting it up on their wall or time line or whatever it is that FB uses, I don’t use it, so I don’t know.

    His mom is a great lady, and nobody should ever go to sleep wondering if this is the night that a lunatic relative ends them all. Please help my friend if you can, I’d be forever in your debt. His GFM page has more details on what went down on the 10th of October, 2016.


    Thank you

  • 17

    Facebook’s Workplace is coming for the last part of your life that it doesn’t dominate

    Facebook made its new platform for businesses available to the public yesterday (Oct. 10). The product, called Workplace, looks very much like the consumer version of Facebook, with a news feed and a chat app, but there’s a fee to use it.

    Still, at less than half the price of its closest competitors, Workplace’s fee is an aggressive move that could shake up some of the sector’s established players.


  • 17

    Washington Hits Back at Putin’s Humiliation

    The reaction is understandable: foaming-at-the-mouth, desperate, hysterical and panicked. Accusing Russia of hacking into the American “democratic process” is a wild attempt to divert from the paramount issues:
    Washington’s exposed descent into a vile morass of its own making; the emperor is a criminal; the people know it; and a genuine world leader like Vladimir Putin has the temerity to lay it on the line to this has-been.


    • kreskin

      Even the simpleton American is wising up .

  • 17

    Dakota Access Pipeline Police Celebrate Columbus Day by Continuing Brutal Tradition

    Militarized Dakota Access Pipeline police celebrated Columbus Day in truly fascistic fashion when they descended upon peaceful protesters and began mass arresting as many of them as possible. According to the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, 27 water protectors were arrested Monday, two of whom were charged with felonies for chaining themselves to pipeline construction equipment.

    The mass arrests of Native American protesters and allies on Columbus Day comes just a day after the U.S. Court of Appeals denied the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s request for an injunction to stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.


  • 17

    Secret Police Databases Fuel Quiet Epidemic of Cops Becoming Stalkers

    Regardless of your stance on the Surveillance State, it has become increasingly clear that surveillance tools are being abused and misused by law enforcement at all levels of government. A recent investigation by the Associated Press details an example of police officers abusing databases meant for law enforcement purposes by using them for their own private investigations. The AP filed open records requests with departments from 50 states and close to three dozen of the largest police departments in the U.S. The requests sought information related to state and local databases, as well as the FBI’s National Crime and Information Center database. Some of the agencies said they had no records to provide while others refused to disclose the information.

    With little to no accountability on these tools, it is likely police misuse will continue. How can we fight back against spying mechanisms we have no control over? There may not be one simple, “one size fits all”
    solution, but more than likely the answers lie in empowering ourselves and uniting in our communities. Only when we stand together to oppose invasions of privacy, life, and liberty will we successfully beat back and evolve past institutions that do not serve the interests of the people.


  • 17

    A First-Hand Account of Women’s Boat to Gaza

    For almost a decade, Israel has maintained a blockade of Gaza and its nearly 2 million people, preventing even humanitarian missions such as the capture this month of the Women’s Boat to Gaza, as Ann Wright


  • EdgarHF

    Lead story is on Marijuana? I better pack a cone:-)

  • 17

    US’ Destruction of Syria will take UN With it

    The United Nations has never looked more impotent, irrelevant and politically motivated in its actions than it has regarding the ongoing conflict in Syria.

    It has categorically failed to take an impartial stance on the conflict which has raged for over 5 years now. This includes a failure to properly identify the conflict as a foreign-funded and backed proxy war rather than a “civil war,” as well as identify and hold accountable those nations fueling anti-government hostilities within and beyond Syria’s borders.

    By failing to do so, the UN has undermined its own credibility, credibility required to ensure the Syrian government and its allies adhere to international law and observe human rights as they execute security operations aimed at restoring order and stability across the country.


    • Dosido3

      The U.S. is holding *everyone* hostage.

  • 17

    The Criminal West’s State Sponsorship of Terrorism: “A -Team”— al Qaeda and ISIS

    Not only does UN Resolution 2253 specifically prohibit arming terrorists (with good reason), but using the aforementioned terrorists as proxies in a dirty war against a sovereign country constitutes the most egregious of war crimes according to Nuremburg principles. Consequently, whenever possible, Empire
    commits its crimes covertly.


    • kreskin

      International law is for others to abide by , it is what we say it is. Just ask our lap dogs .

  • 17

    Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and the Mentality of Propaganda Control

    The evidence for genetically modified organism (GMOs) safety for human consumption and its environmental risks remains one of the nation’s most contentious, controversial and debated subjects. Throughout the world, governments, national health ministries and their populations have been led to believe that there is no reason to critically object to GMOs. American mainstream media, which have now been fully absorbed into the agendas of large multinational corporate chemical and food sponsors, claim GMOs are completely harmless. We are sold a promise that they are urgently needed for feeding the world. Consequently, in the absence of critical journalism, aside from independent media, the spread of GMOs has become widespread.


    • panem et circenses

      Gary Null is a quack “alternative medicine” peddler, AIDS denialist and anti-vax loon.

      • 17

        That may be, but he’s not a quack about this.

        • panem et circenses

          Sure, don’t let the fact that he’s a known charlatan and con man dissuade you from believing what he has to say. Whatever confirms your bias.

          • 17

            What part of the article do you consider to be a “con” being played on me?

          • panem et circenses

            The implication that genetic modification makes something any less safe for consumption than any other food when that’s never been proven, beginning with the mention of the poorly executed Seralini study that he considers “perhaps the most important and damning case of retracted science”. In his study, he chose a type of rat highly prone to cancer and fed the test group GM corn and roundup into old age, when some of them developed cancer (no mention of how many rats in the control group also developed cancer or explanation of why many of the “control” rats were outlived by the “GM” rats). It was pulled for his highly flawed methodology and ethical violations. If that’s the “most damning” retraction he can come up with, it’s pretty safe to say there isn’t any good evidence to back his beliefs, which is a common theme for “Dr.” Null.

          • Shohanna

            How bout just the fact of DNA from ready roundup is enough to put me off GMOs?! Or anyone else with fucking brains putting together that the bees are fucking dying from pollinating them?! Isn’t that enough?

            Sorry I can’t discuss this b/c it pisses me off and scares the shit out of me. I am not a fucking stupid person. I CAN put two and two together to get FOUR. It’s not 5 and it most certainly isn’t NULL.

            We have had cancer now out range heart disease for majority of deaths and there is a DAMN good reason for it. Bees and Me were not meant to eat DNA adjusted GMOs. it’s NOT the same as selective breeding and no one can’t see that?! Yeah, PISSED off does not describe my aversion to being LIED to.

          • panem et circenses

            I don’t know why people are so intent on arguing against easily verifiable information. It’s like they really want the worst to be true.

            “In the United States, the overall cancer death rate has declined since the early 1990s. The most recent Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer, published in March 2016, shows that from 2003 to 2012, cancer death rates decreased by:

            1.8 percent per year among men
            1.4 percent per year among women
            2.0 percent per year among children ages 0-19”


            Cancer has overtaken heart disease among some ethnic groups, but the increase is due to the fact that those populations are living longer on average, increasing the risk of cancer.


            Cancer wasn’t as big of an issue before so many people were living decades longer than they ever have before. People age and their risk of disease goes up. It’s just a fact of life and will probably be so forever, though the treatment of serious end of life illnesses has certainly improved dramatically and will continue to do so.

            As for bees, they can be killed by pesticides. That’s a known fact that has nothing to do with cancer. The bees aren’t getting cancer and dying, they’re sometimes poisoned by chemicals that are toxic to them, whether those chemicals are sprayed on GM or “organic” crops or as pest control makes no difference. If the bees are susceptible to them, they’ll die or have other adverse effects. But it doesn’t have anything to do with GM science.

            “We’re not meant to eat DNA adjusted GMOs” is simply an appeal to nature fallacy. You’re not “meant” to do anything. Everything you eat has been genetically “adjusted” for millions of years, and selectively bred and genetically modified for thousands of years and there’s just no science to suggest that it has any adverse effect on health. None. You know what also isn’t “natural”? Growing crops or planting a garden. That doesn’t happen in nature, where you have to go out and hunt and forage for your food. Nothing about our eating habits is “natural”, but human beings are living longer and healthier lives than ever before.

            Sorry to put it so bluntly, but you’d do yourself a big favor to either stop listening to quacks and charlatans, or learn how to research and independently verify their claims before repeating them.

    • towerofbabel

      Anyone who puts their faith in corporate science is a fool. As if there is something inherently virtuous in the word Science. Science is as political as anything else and we have to wake up to that fact. Science is a battleground and there is good science and there is bad science depending on who it benefits.

      • There is very much inherently virtuous about the scientific method. But just saying “science” doesn’t mean that something was vetted via the scientific method.

  • kreskin

    I see that OculusVeritas is still going at it . Amazing .

    • Edwin

      We think it’s Neb.

      • towerofbabel

        And Neb is Ricki. And Ricki is……KAROLI!!!!

        • Edwin

          She’s whacked enough. I winder how many socks she has? All those “site team” at C&L have a bunch of socks to hop online and be rude to site members.

        • And Karoli is ROXANNE!

      • Shohanna

        Yeah, that kinda makes sense too. Who else would be deluded enough to just post and post with no one reading?!

        • Edwin

          You got a new hairdo.

          • Shohanna

            Hehe It’s Halloween and I wanted to have a Halloween avatar. 😀

        • Edwin

          Did you see Ricki had another meltdown? She seems upset with me and MsP too. I hadn’t realized before she’s a homophobe.


          • You’ll have to relay what she said, I have “her” blocked (everyone from there, actually). No one bad-mouths Ms. P. and gets away with it! I have ways.

          • Edwin


            2 days ago
            [hush]​[hide comment]

            where’s my little sweet pea… vapours… and the cafeteria lady…. lmao!!!

            Read how the hysteria… MsP … has been hitting the fucking airwaves
            again… take a fucking break babe… believe me, it’s a healthy
            experience. BUT YOU KEEP THIS BULLSHIT going I will bury your ass Ms
            Pissia…. bring on the PROOF or shut the fuck up….. totally tired of
            keeping my mouth shut which is why those assholes were given a mouth
            over at the PlumDump…. geez… you live and learn. Fuck all of you.

            And yeah… hey, edwina… having a good day… feeling some seoul? lmao

            And then she posted about 3 comments, similar to MsP style, about me. Looks like she was smashed out of her gourd… Again!

          • Edwin
          • Rambles. Not worth burning a favor. Glad to see my blocking is Working as Intended, keeping me from experiencing poorly thought out, drunken ramblings.

          • Edwin

            She actually seemed like a nice person when things were going her way.

            I only went there because someone else alerted me to it. She’s been making threats against me.

          • I saw Some of that. Just another lure, to draw you in. Let her piss in the wind, is always my advice. The best revenge is to live well without giving that kind of person another thought, in my experience.

          • Edwin

            She can stew in her own juices. Her latest rant is a real ….nothingburger. ^_^

          • Shohanna

            I feel bad that I didn’t warn anyone that she was a straight up troll. Has been since she started posting at C&L and then she followed me to RS, and Alternet. She may have been stalking me. LOL

            Not that I care, I just stopped answering her posts when I figured it out. I still feel bad though. :/

          • Edwin

            lnto every life a few bichez come

          • Shohanna

            ROFLMAO! Isn’t that the damned truth.

          • Edwin
          • Shohanna

            I will take your word for it. My BP is up in the 200’s right now and I really don’t want another migraine.. LOL Also, I am to the point where no meds will work for me. My body adjusts to reject them. 🙁

  • Edwin

    Re: facebook link

    A good documentary if you haven’t seen it. IIRC, in this film one guy uses a FOI search (or something) to find out what data/info his online trackers have amassed about him and he gets a 1,400 page paper file.


  • Shohanna

    Hey guys, sorry about today. I had a huge migraine. I had a full nights sleep and still ended up sleeping 4 hours to just be able to lift my head without pain. Gotta go get some things and food now. Be back later.

    • That’s OK, we’re always happy to see you, no matter how brief!

      • Shohanna

        **GRIN** Ty Unka!

    • Edwin

      Hope your headache is gone. See you later.

      • Shohanna

        Lots better! Ty. 😀

    • towerofbabel

      They are both great.

  • Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead… At least for now…

    EU, US negotiators officially drop aim of concluding TTIP in 2016

    • Edwin

      That’s something.

      Too bad they’ll never give up until we’re all in chains, but that’s something.

      • Even a small victory is worth a little celebration. Even if that’s only a hushed “YAY!”

        • Edwin

          There’s a chance people will wake up to what’s going on before it’s too late. My hope.

    • Yay

  • all_hail_the_hypno_toad

    Researchers have devised a way to place undetectable backdoors in the cryptographic keys that protect websites, virtual private networks, and Internet servers. The feat allows hackers to passively decrypt hundreds of millions of encrypted communications as well as cryptographically impersonate key owners.

    The technique is notable because it puts a backdoor—or in the parlance of cryptographers, a “trapdoor”—in 1,024-bit keys used in the Diffie-Hellman key exchange. Diffie-Hellman significantly raises the burden on eavesdroppers because it regularly changes the encryption key protecting an ongoing communication. Attackers who are aware of the trapdoor have everything they need to decrypt Diffie-Hellman-protected communications over extended periods of time, often measured in years. Knowledgeable attackers can also forge cryptographic signatures that are based on the widely used digital signature algorithm.

    As with all public key encryption, the security of the Diffie-Hellman protocol is based on number-theoretic computations involving prime numbers so large that the problems are prohibitively hard for attackers to solve. The parties are able to conceal secrets within the results of these computations. A special prime devised by the researchers, however, contains certain invisible properties that make the secret parameters unusually susceptible to discovery. The researchers were able to break one of these weakened 1,024-bit primes in slightly more than two months using an academic computing cluster of 2,000 to 3,000 CPUs.

  • Dosido3

    Well well well…it seems like Donna Brazile slipped some debate questions to Hillary in advance. Anyone else sick of the collusion? They can’t even hide it.

    • Dosido3
    • There was at least one question where, for me, that was glaringly obvious.

      • Dosido3

        Death penalty question?

    • panem et circenses

      I posted this on the election thread, but few seem to follow that thread anymore, and it’s a pretty big deal.

      Solid new pay-to-play evidence while Clinton was Secretary of State:

      ‘FOBs’: How Hillary’s State Dept. Gave Special Attention to ‘Friends of Bill’ After Haiti Quake



      This isn’t speculation about why corporations and governments give Hillary Clinton so much money. These are actual emails between the State Department and Clinton Foundation showing them favoring corporations and charities that are “friends of Bill” or Hillary.

      • Thanks Pan.

        • panem et circenses

          I edited the last sentence:

          These are actual emails between the State Department and Clinton Foundation showing them favoring corporations and charities that are “friends of Bill” or Hillary.

          It’s important to note that these email exchanges were between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation.

      • notisaidthepig

        I saw this on Democracy Now yesterday (it’s all about DN for me, obviously). How can the Clintons live with themselves knowing the amount of damage they have done to people, not just here in America, but around the world? Sociopaths.

      • Dosido3

        I still click over to the election thread but had trouble last night for some reason, so I landed Donna “don’t read the leaks” Brazile, here.

    • notisaidthepig

      Is anyone here really surprised? These folks DON’T GIVE A SHIT. They act with impunity because they know nothing will ever happen to them. They are spinning like crazy to shape the narrative and keep right on trucking with their immoral and illegal activities. I hope one day they get exactly what they deserve. Disgusting assholes.

  • Edwin

    Smoking In the Philippines Could Land You In Prison For 4 Months

    The tough new law will end smoking in public places.


    • Morning Edwin :^)

      • Edwin

        Hi, Stephanie.

    • notisaidthepig

      Boy, I am glad I no longer live in the Philippines. The new guys sounds horrible. Mind you, Gloria was horrible as well. Just in a different way. My memories of the Philippines are all good. Loved my three years in Subic Bay.

  • Good morning everybody, I’m exhausted today, but I wanted to share this article.

    “This is my Act of Love climate activists shut down all US Canada tar Sands Pipelines”


    • notisaidthepig

      These folks were on Democracy Now also this morning. I swear that news show is the best. Miles ahead of the corporate hacks you simply regurgitate what the elites deign is fit for public consumption. It’s heartening to see real folks put themselves on the line for their principles. It’s not something we are ever likely to see from establishment candidates. That’s why Stein resonates with so many folks. She’s real. (Had to include a plug for Stein/Baraka!)

  • Oh how the DC Circuit of appeals is having fun this week.

    “Ruling against Wall Street Watchdog decried as Reckless and partisan’

    A three-judge panel on Tuesday said the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau brainchild of Senator Elizabeth Warren, has an unconstitutional structure.

  • Here’s some information on Judge Kavanaugh, one of the judges on the three-judge panel who ruled on the case.

    • notisaidthepig

      Here’s what caught my eye:

      “The ruling handed a victory to the banking industry…”

      Same as it ever was.

  • A good article by The Intercept on the hysteria surrounding the accusation of Russia and WikiLeaks it negatively references…Crooks and Liars.


    • Edwin

      Ha ha. There’s bad blood between Glenn and C&L. (There’s a reason they call him Glennzilla. They hate him. It’s personal.) I’m glad he’s trashing them. They’re douchebags.

      • notisaidthepig

        You’re being kind. They are worse than douchebags.

        • Edwin

          I can’t help it. It’s my nature to be sweet as pie to everyone I meet.

          • notisaidthepig


    • notisaidthepig

      Was just listening to Lee Fang on Democracy Now. I’m so tired of people focusing the Russians! and totally disregarding the content of the emails. Shills for Hillz, one and all.

  • notisaidthepig

    Good morning, folks.

    • Edwin

      Goo morning, dear pig.

      • notisaidthepig

        Good morning, Edwin. Hope all is well with you.

  • panem et circenses

    This is a long but worthwhile read about the Dakota Bakken Pipeline, now more commonly referred to as the (North) Dakota Access Pipeline, and the co-option of native causes by establishment NGOs, usually with political and economic interests in direct opposition to the movements they involve themselves in.



    • notisaidthepig

      Will have to read this later as I’m on my out the door. But there are few things more deplorable than working with people while secretly undermining them. WTF is wrong with people?

      • panem et circenses

        Politics and capitalism.

        • notisaidthepig


          • panem et circenses

            Cory Morningstar shreds liberal and Democratic NGO alliances, usually funded by billionaires like Warren Buffett with their own economic interests, and the politicians and groups who simply use causes to further their careers by latching themselves to what she calls the non-profit industrial complex (NPIC), rather than actually helping the indigenous and minority groups being harmed in any meaningful way.

      • Dosido3

        I’m about to post a link to title insurers not insuring titles as soon as new thread is up. Yikes.

  • notisaidthepig

    Have a great day, everyone. Will try to check in this evening but may not be able to do so. Very busy week (as always) and I’m preparing for the Praxis on Saturday. Probably should have devoted more time to that preparation. Sigh.

    Later, taters!

    • Dosido3

      Good luck Pig!

    • Have a great day Noti :^)

      • notisaidthepig

        Thanks, Stephanie. I hope you had a good day yourself. Cheers.

  • Today’s thread is up. Short-links list today, maybe some already posted this morning! But, as always, enjoy!

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