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20 Feb

Daily Links, Thursday March 9th

Mar 09, 2017
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clownsIn “Catapulting the Propaganda” news, Amy Goodman, DNC/Conservative Shepherd extraordinaire, pretends a clown show is a revolution.

On the other hand, Actual Strategies for a guerilla war against the establishment.


The WikiLeaks CIA release—when will we learn?

If You See Something, Leak Something.

Perhaps, not the smoking gun we’re looking for: WikiLeaks Files Show the CIA Repurposing Hacking Code To Save Time, Not To Frame Russia.

Snowden: What The Wikileaks Revelations Show Is “Reckless Beyond Words.”

Climate Change Denial, Democratic-Party style.

Even on the “Left Coast,” racism still reigns: Strip Club Owner Says Portland Targets Black Businesses.

Kauai is moving from diesel generators to renewable energy, with help from Tesla.

Neandertal Tooth Plaque Hints at Meals – and Kisses. Analysis paints picture of diets, medicine and possible intimacy with humans.

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Open Thread
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Monday GIF-a-thon

UnkaWillbur - Jul 10, 2017

I've been AWOL, sorry about that, big things in life, big things afoot here. More Later. In the meantime, what's your favorite GIFs?    

Keep Them Doggies Rolling
Open Thread
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Open Thread
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Keep Them Doggies Rolling

UnkaWillbur - Jun 05, 2017

America's 2017 Derangement Tour continued this week. Starting of with Kathy "PLEASE LOOK AT ME!" Griffith proving that Democrats can be as eliminationist as their fellow conservatives…

Your Weekend of Weekends.
Daily Links
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Daily Links
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Your Weekend of Weekends.

UnkaWillbur - May 26, 2017

Here' some links to nosh on, to start of your weekend. I hope everyone's weekend is great; me, myself, I'm planning on jumping out of a perfectly…

  • Your Song of the Day, because sometimes life gives you a steaming pile of shit, and other times, it gives you the Duke Ellington band, playing a medley of Beatles tunes..


    • notisaidthepig

      You’re on fire, Unka! 😉

    • FaunaAndFlora

      Nobody could get a tone out of the alto sax like Johnny Hodges. This must have been one of his last TV performances because he died three months later.

      What a treat! Thanks for posting this, Unka. 🙂

  • notisaidthepig

    Posting again because I don’t want anyone to miss this gem:


    • Dosido3

      OINK! #resist

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  • kreskin
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    Digital Privacy at the U.S Border: A New How-To Guide from EFF

    Increasingly frequent and invasive searches at the U.S. border have raised questions for those of us who want to protect the private data on our computers, phones, and other digital devices. A new guide
    released today by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) gives travelers the facts they need in order to prepare for border crossings while protecting their digital information.


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    Cop Involved in Quadruple Murder and Cocaine Conspiracy Kills Himself as Feds Try to Arrest Him

    Disgraced NYPD police officer Gerard Benderoth, 48 — nicknamed “White Rhino” from his days as a strongman competitor, was being arrested by the FBI Wednesday when he pulled out a pistol and put a bullet in his head.

    Benderoth was under arrest for his role in a quadruple homicide and massive cocaine conspiracy of which he was alleged to be a part of and involved at least one other New York cop.

    ***I love a happy ending.***


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    Tradecraft: Introduction to OpSec

    Operations Security sounds like something that would only concern spies and special operations soldiers. The reality is that since your government is likely spying on you, even if you “have nothing to hide”, OpSec concerns you. It’s a concept you need to become familiar with and begin to apply in your daily life. Maintaining Operational Security is simply the practice of taking small steps to secure the information you don’t want disclosed.


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    Trump Resumes Arms Sales to Saudis Frozen Under Obama

    The US State Department under Donald Trump has announced today that they will green-light the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia that were previously frozen in the final months of the Obama administration.

    The State Department announced the resumption of the sale of arms today, that will primarily be used by Saudi Arabia to fight their ongoing war in Yemen. The problem is that the announcement did not include any conditions that would require the Saudis to improve the standards used in this war that have already led to a host of war crimes and human rights violations.


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    Why Do Socialists Talk So Much About Workers?

    Workers are the only agent that has a structural place within society that can bring the centers of power to their knees.


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    Julian Assange says tech companies asked WikiLeaks for details on alleged CIA exploits

    Two days after WikiLeaks released nearly 9,000 files outlining alleged CIA hacking techniques, the anti-secrecy organization is turning details of those tools over to the technology companies they affect.

    Most of the documents in the WikiLeaks release comprise technical instructions on how to perform a variety of tasks, from pirating copies of Windows 8 to turning a Samsung smart TV into a listening device. The
    documents have yet to be confirmed by the CIA, but if true mean the agency has been stockpiling known exploits rather than disclosing them to manufacturers.


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    Activists Describe Efforts To Stop Atlantic Sunrise Gas Pipeline In Pennsylvania

    Months after thousands at Standing Rock stood up against the Dakota Access Pipeline, activists in Pennsylvania are ready to take a stand against a nearly $3 billion pipeline project called Atlantic Sunrise.

    ***My advice? Don’t bother inviting unarmed veterans when the shooting starts.***


  • Edwin
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    Is Mike Pence the Deep State’s Insurance Policy Against Trump?

    Last month, Anti-Media reported on leaked intelligence that forcibly ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn from the Trump administration. Flynn’s successor, General H.R. McMaster, is far more hawkish, and in comparison to Flynn, takes a much more anti-Russian stance. It isn’t too much of a stretch to assume
    McMaster’s job will be secure if he continues to perpetuate the anti-Russian narrative we have become so familiar with in recent decades.

    Despite this, the media still perpetuates anti-Russian hysteria and repeated claims regarding the Trump administration’s ties to Russia — despite the fact that Flynn, Trump’s supposed go-between with Russia, has already relinquished his power.

    Why would this be?


    • oodaloop

      Seems like the entire establishment (including the DNC) just absolutely can’t wait for the Pence administration.

      • Well, he is, after all, One of Them.

        • oodaloop

          Maybe my statement should have been “especially the DNC!” 🙂

  • Edwin
    • IronPyrite_Reborn

      About a year ago, I was posting on the so-called “progressive” blogs, calling Hillary’s campaign “message free” and “rudderless.” I was called a “troll”, a “conservative”, a “misogynist”, and then I was banned.

      (with friends like these…)

      • oodaloop

        It was the campaign about nothing.

        • Edwin

          She succeeded. ^_^

      • Edwin

        KaroliE made up a lie about me so she could ban me as I had become a thorn in her side. (But they weren’t in the tank for anyone. Honest.)

      • notisaidthepig

        You are in excellent company.

  • notisaidthepig

    Good morning…

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